The following grading syllabus and guide is designed and prepared to relate to our everyday Judo structure. It is simple but at the same time, effective. It embraces the important aspects of Judo, and while underlining its fundamentals, contributes to a new and deeper understanding of these principles. It represents and embraces a simple coaching programme, which is easily understood and used by many coaches and students. This syllabus offers a clear map for measuring success in the development of Judo.

The JFAUK grading syllabus offers the instructor and the practitioner a high quality of education, providing a logical training system that is effective and satisfying.

It is my belief that the formula for success is a simple one. Judo, after all, is about learning. In fact, it is a process to learn how to learn more effectively. Judo education, when instructed and understood well, can produce inspirational results in individuals and society at large. It must be seen as an essential path in bridging the gaps in education, heightening sensitivities to cognition, learning, practice and responsible behaviour.

You will note that some specific techniques are repeated within the syllabus. These particular techniques have been chosen as they have specific important elements which can fundamentally influence and further develop the understanding of the functionality and the dynamics of Judo.

I am satisfied that this syllabus is developed on solid grounds, is a synthesis of years of experience in teaching and practice of Judo and concludes a critical appraisal of past experiences.

Sampson Sampson 6th Dan

Technical Director
Judo For All UK (JFAUK)

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